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Scooters, Kiosks, & Small Businesses

I must ask you a question, does the city council know how to generate revenue properly? If you answered yes, then why do they want to ban and over regulate any new technology or small business that wants to start up here? If you answered no, you are correct.

The Bird and Lime scooters are having quite the turbulent time right now. With the latest ordinance passing that it will cost $300 per scooter to exist, it seems that the city council cannot take the hint that the citizens of our city want them to stay let alone show that they are pro-business of any sort unless it can handle these strict over regulation of the Council of No. (Leslie, 2018) "Bird is currently determining whether we can viably continue to provide Birds to the people of Raleigh," Mackenzie Long said via e-mail. "The current proposed framework gives us significant pause as it dramatically limits our ability to provide transportation to the community." So what we are seeing here is the City Council regulating and fining a business to its deathbed. This is not how a city creates growth and business. This is one of the many companies that the city council has put to death, it has to stop. Calling this city's stance on business regressive, is an understatement. (Richardson, 2018) "We've got to start writing tickets for the offenders. Until they stop (riding improperly), we run the risk of someone getting hurt or killed. I'd like to make the motion that we increase the fee per scooter to $150." The fee was increased to $300. This is the sort of fearmongering and misplaced legislation that our city council is creating. However, Bird did say that they would commit $1 for every scooter per year to local infrastructure. I am proposing that the RCC drop the scooter fees to $1-$25 per scooter a year AND remove the scooter cap.

While many complain that these scooters are being ridden poorly, only a few bad apples are doing so as with anything. Scooters are not getting enough praise for what they are doing. Traffic can be pretty bad sometimes and jetting around downtown or around the city just isn't efficient in an automobile. This is where these scooters and bikes come in. If you need to go down 5 or 6 blocks or to a number of places nearby hoping in your car can be a hassle because parking may be non-existent, traffic may be backed up, or any other number of variables. Hopping on a scooter can bypass all of those issues by alleviating traffic, reducing emissions from your vehicle, and may be cheaper depending on what vehicle you drive.

Some friendly new tech that could have graced our streets were the Kiosks that were to be put up around downtown. Only 2 council members knew their relevance and saw their potential. We had the opportunity to have kiosks in the city that acted like the ones you see in the mall. You can see where you are and where a business or place is located. The best part of all this? It was free! Just as good, these Kiosks could have generated revenue for the city. Businesses could have advertised at these kiosks which would have spurred commerce and helped tourists get around. Why weren't these gems of an installment voted yes on? The reason being, is that some council members are out of touch with the younger generations, are scared of anything new, and can be downright hypocritical. A council member even said that mobile retail had very little to no social backing... well how did they come to be so successful before you banned them?

As for small businesses, everyone knows how the council feels about ANY new business that starts up... they don't want it. Food trucks, mobile clothing, startup companies, Bird, Lime, etc. These things have been regulated so heavily that they are either banned or on the verge of being banned. Why? All because of hyperbolic comments and fear mongering. For example, food trucks aren't allowed to operate in Raleigh like other cities because of make believe fears, possible noise complaints during the day, crowding sidewalks with patrons, or even obstructing traffic.

The point is this, we can either be a city that regulates everything to death or a city that allows something to exist and then modify laws later once we see how it operates. I prefer that latter.



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