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Housing Affordabilty & Supply

Housing Affordability & Supply

What happens when demand exceeds supply? The cost of housing and rent increases, taxes rise, and we are faced with a housing crisis. Demand for housing is continuing to climb driving up prices of homes and rent, but why do we still keep having a supply problem? Single Family Homes(SFH) and three story apartments are all that is being built in Raleigh. Multi Family Housing (MFH) has been restricted in Raleigh causing us to sprawl over a large area.


"My plan is to provide a city with housing options for all and an affordable future for generations to come."


My plan for housing affordability & supply is straight forward:

  • Restructure the UDO to remove height restrictions so we can BUILD UP, NOT OUT & allow for MultiFamily housing which allows for structures like: duplexes, triplexes, cottage courts, slim/micro homes, module(connex), & tiny apartments.
  • Reduce minimum lot sizes for homes & minimum parking requirments to encourage developers to create internal or subterranean parking for apartment complexes and large buildings.
  • Upzone all of Raleigh, allow mixed used housing, and remove NCODs to allow for infill where available.

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