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This page features my positions on issues relevant to our city. Scroll down to see each issue and feel free to let me know how you feel about it by clicking on the "contact" tab above.

Pay Donation

Education can be expensive right out of high school which is why I will be donating half of my council pay, once elected, to create grants for students going into the STEM field or the trades. Each year, I will select 2 students to receive these grants so these young minds can focus on their studies and less on the financial burden of education.

Supporting our First Responders

When you have a fire, you call the Fire Department. When you have an emergency, you call the Police. These people are here for you, but who is here for them? Not our council. Click on the link to see how I will support our first responders.

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Housing Affordabilty & Supply

How do we tackle the housing affordability & the lack of supply? No type of housing should be barred and NCODs need to be a thing of the past.

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Fiscal Conservatism

It is my goal upon being elected to help pay off Raleigh's debts without adding new ones. That means cutting spending or expenses within the Raleigh government that do not serve a functional and meaningful purpose. My financial plan for subsidization of any project while on council will be simple: if the market cannot support it, I won't either unless it constitutes a necessity with overwhelming support of the people. If the Raleigh government cannot afford a project or plan, we don't need it until we pay off prior debts and lower our cost of living.

Veteran Outreach

As the only candidate running for council who is a Combat Veteran, I understand the plight of the Veteran community. Many have gone on to lead successful lives, while others struggle with PTSD, wounds from combat, or have succumbed to the high rate of suicide of 22 a day. Templates exist from other municipalities on how to help our Veterans, I want that help in Raleigh too. (Read More)

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